On behalf of Diamonds and Pearls we were very pleased with your ministry on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at All Saints Higham’s Park, words cannot express only eternity will tell.  We felt the word you bought was exactly what was needed (God knows) encouraging the ladies to rise up in love, God used you to bring healing that was needed which was the fruit of the ministry time. Prompting the women to look at their lives and where there at. We thank God for one lady who has been attending church for some time to actually make a confession of her faith in the Lord, another was so grateful for the prayer she received even though she was actually coming up as part of the prayer team but you reach out to her and it was a prayer at the right time. Another said the word was for her that morning and we know you were a catalyst for several others ourselves included allowing people to bring forth words and picture the Kingdom working together as one. Bless you and thanks again.

Love Diane Jameson (on behalf of D&P)

All Saints Higham’s Park


Ruth Conlon is a vibrant, fun loving Woman of God. Ruth was the main speaker at our Women's Day recently 'Come to the Altar'.   She brought to it such a deep move of the Spirit of God, through the word, the presentation of her talk, prophecy, and a true awareness of her identity in Christ Jesus. I absolutely love this beautiful lady who poured out God's love for all the women there and it really felt that she knew each one of them personally.   We will definitely be asking Ruth to return again.   Her personal testimony spoke to many of the ladies who were not only able to relate to what she was saying but received healing through her openness.    I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to rain down over this precious lady bringing to her the abundance of Heavens Realm to pour out to many more women.  Thank you, Ruth.

Lorraine & all the Tabitha Team

St Erkenwald’s Church Barking



It was an immense pleasure having Ruth minister to us on Sunday and she was so powerful and passionate that people were still speaking about her at the prayer meeting this morning. The content of her talk was God inspired and relevant and touched many people.

Revd. Hans Stein

URC Swanley